Dear Amazing Friends,

My name is Julie, and I have a burning desire to assist in waking humanity up to the power of our thoughts and beliefs. It is one of my all time favorite subjects.

I can't claim that I have mastered this area quite yet, it is always a work in progress, but I am well aware of it's potential!  I tend to question everything around me (and I mean everything!) and discern if it holds truth and makes sense for me.    

I have listened to spiritual and new thought leaders for the last 10 - 15 years. I have attended webinar after webinar, read self help and spiritual book after book have ultimately come to learn though that we do not need to go outside of ourselves for guidance. We were born with this guidance system and it is AKA  - our emotions!! So simple!

Everything we need to create the world we want to see is within! This power is  just waiting patiently for us to access it! 

What we see show up for us in our worlds/lives is based on our thoughts. This may be be a bit hard as well as a bit painful to accept. It is time to understand this, accept it, take responsibility for it, and know it can all be changed if we don’t like what we are seeing or experiencing. How exciting!

I tend to start my day off with a bang, a positive mindset, happy thoughts, but as the day goes on, my monkey minds start to wander, starts to doubt, starts to feel unworthy, and quite often, goes straight down the rabbit hole to untrue stories about myself. 

SO!!  I have created a fun and simple tool to keep truthful ,uplifting reminders in my face all day!! They will help us to keep on track for what we want to bring about into our lives!!! It’s time to harness our thoughts and recognize how powerful our minds truly are! 

Please use these soul messages with JOY each and every day, you will see how they bring magic, and set you on your way!