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6 PACK - 18% OFF!

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You are purchasing a pack of all 6 Static Cling Messages at 18% off the price if you were ordering them individually. 

If you are gifting these and need them packaged individually, please indicate this in notes when placing your order. No fee for extra packaging. 

ThESE 3 inch colorful static clings will stick to any mirror, glass, and other smooth surfaces. It can be moved and used endlessly.  Purchase all 6 designs to remind you of the amazing being you truly are! 

AND/OR purchase them to anonymously leave along your path for someone else to find it!!

Putting out this loving energy will help to change course of one's day when they stumble upon it AND the goodwill act of you leaving it behind will also open energetic avenues for loving possibilities to come to you in return! It's a win win! 


Fun ideas on where to leave the clings...

•Driver's side car window. Someone you know or not!
•Bathroom Mirror
•Busy locations: Post Office,Bank, Grocery store, Vet, Doctor's office, School Front door
•Stainless steel frig
•Your front and back door
•Some metal mailboxes
•Public Bathroom mirrors
•School locker
•Church door